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Gang Violence

Street Gangs have wreaked havoc on communities and in schools for decades. The resurgence of gang activity that is occurring in many areas across the country is concerning and needs to prompt us to quick action against its devastating effects. The feeling of power, the illusion of loyal friendships, and the unquenchable desire for retaliation make gang behavior self-perpetuating in nature and difficult to overcome when ignored and allowed to take root in any given environment. Inadequate knowledge and understanding about gangs enable gang members to exist openly due to the denial phase almost every community or school goes through when gangs first make their presence. This denial of their existence, which further permeates the effects of their intimidating behavior, usually leads to a reactive approach to gangs and the death and devastation they have left behind. Trying to play ''catch up'' with gangs in your communities and schools is a very dangerous and life threatening approach and should be avoided at all costs.

Crisis Reality Training can provide gang awareness training covering such topics as identification of gangs, their graffiti, gang clothing styles and trends, gang hand signs, gang slang, gang writings, gang tattoos and warning signs indicating possible gang involvement. All of this training is provided with real life situations from the streets that Jesus has been involved in and supporting research by many gang experts.

CUSTOM WORKSHOP Crisis Reality Training can create the Gang Awareness & Recognition Training workshop to meet your school or company's schedule and group size. Contact: Crisis Reality Training, Inc. for more information.

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