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Testimonials - From Crisis Reality Training

'Surviving the Active Killer Event' comments

''Eye opening material delivered in an engaging method. Thank you!''

-Steilacoom School District Educator

''Jesus seemed very passionate about saving lives and preparing us for an active killer event. The facts are scary but I feel more prepared to go back and be proactive in my classroom and education career.''

-Steilacoom School District Educator

'Mr. Villahermosa presented this serious course in such a tremendous and enlightening way. I recommend him to other districts who do not have a comprehensive safety plan'

- High School Educator

'Mr Villahermosa came to Blue Ridge to present to our children and us parents on active shooter/killer incidents.

I can absolutely say he is a dynamic, engaging and passionate speaker. Additionally the information is eye opening and myth busting.

This is what... Read More

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Testimonials From clients and students:

''The feedback after your presentation was overwhelming. You continue to make a positive impact on our educational family. We will be planning more training in the future.''

Richard Basnaw
Leschi Schools, Seattle

''I have been connecting with folks that attended your event last weekend and I understand that you were the HIT of the institute. I know that because I spoke to someone who is usually pretty tough on speakers and he tells me you were fantastic! I want to personally thank you for making our institute a success, and will keep you on our potential speaker list for the future.''

Sheila Teeter
Employment Security Department

''My own experience with your speaking engagements throughout our district prompted me to suggest that my husband and the GM of our family business attend your workshop. Their response was so pos... Read More

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Verbal S.W.A.T. attendees commented:

''The instructor was very animated and kept the class interesting the whole time.''

''Excellent! Jesus interacted with everyone in class, He was very humorous and well educated.''

''Fantastic! Very engaging!''

''You have lived up to everything I've heard about your training programs. Thank you for the tools, and for making me a more efficient professional.''

''Excellent presentation. Best training class in the 30+ years I have been in the work place''

''I really enjoyed the presentation and reality of how to apply and use this training for your life and personal life. Thank you.''

''Excellent course. I would recommend this class to anyone and let them know it can be applied to all parts of one's life.''

''Great course!! Breaking down physical actions and spelling out their meanings really opened my mind to how peopl... Read More

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