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Staff, This is a Lockdown! Surviving the Active Lethal Threat Event

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The Objectives of this workshop are to:

Understand the purpose of a lockdown plan

Examine the numerous realistic considerations there are in developing a lockdown plan

Empower the employer with the knowledge that regardless of the size of their workplace, a lockdown plan can be implemented

To provide those on scene of an Active Killer event the tools necessary to increase their chances of survival


What is a lockdown?

A lockdown is a pre-set and rehearsed crisis response plan implemented by an institution and activated once there is an actual or perceived threat of harm to that institution's staff, patients and visitors. This plan requires the participation of all employees on the institution's property to implement the plan in order to mitigate the risk of injury or loss of life to those affected by the threat.

What is the purpose of a Lockdown?

The purpose of a lockdown is to secure staff, patients and visitors into the nearest secured facility and minimize their exposure to a potential threat and/or to allow them other survivable options such as evacuation, hiding, running, crawling, playing dead, speaking or fighting for their life if necessary, during a potentially lethal threat situation. The lockdown plan, when implemented, serves to minimize the risk of injury or death to staff, patients and visitors who are at the medical facility at the time of the threat.

All lockdown type situations will be covered with in-depth discussions on announcement strategies, building and campus design and layouts including open environment and outdoor situations. Other topics include staging, public relations, mutual aid agreements, staff, patient and visitor notification systems and staff responsibilities during a lockdown. Jesus will convince you that any size institution, regardless of its size or number of buildings on its campus, can develop and implement an effective lockdown plan that can save lives!

Topics covered will include:
History of lockdowns
The broad definition of lockdown
Do lockdown plans really save lives?
How to plan for best and worst case scenarios
Considerations for development and implementation
Determine the pros and cons of a coded vs non-coded announcement
Using modern technology in enhancing your lockdown plan announcement
Understand why having schematic designs for your buildings available to Emergency Responders is so important
Communicating the emergency with staff, patients, visitors, police, fire and the media
Educate hospital staff and security personnel on survival options - they need to know their responsibilities and what they will need to do to survive!
How the Tactical Team response has changed
Duck and Cover: Why it really doesn't work and why it's getting our staff, killed during an Active Killer event!
We will discuss many of the high profile school and hospital shootings and present what actions survivors took during an Active Killer event that led to their survival!
L.E.A.S.T. Lockdown, Evacuation And Survival all encompassing personal survival plan!

Who should attend this training?
- Hospital and Medical personnel
- Hospital and Medical facility Security Directors and Officers
- Institutions of Higher Education & K-12 School Administrators
- Crisis Response Team Members
- Safety Committee Members
- Law Enforcement Responders
- Fire Department Personnel
- Tactical Team Members, i.e., S.W.A.T., E.R.T., etc.
- Public and private institution supervisors and employees
- Risk Management
- Human Resources
- Anyone wanting to learn more about how effective lockdown plans have saved lives during an Active Killer event in our nation's hospitals, schools and work places!

Contact us if in the event you would like to have this course scheduled in your area.