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We offer courses and workshops that teach people how to deal with school related and workplace violence. These classes are customized for schools and corporations nationwide, covering such topics as Verbal S.W.A.T, Lockdown Strategies, Workplace Violence Prevention, Gang Awareness, Bus Safety and Community Awareness. Founder Jesus Villahermosa's realistic and interactive delivery raises awareness for safety and security to a new level.

Staff, This is a Lockdown

The Objectives of this workshop are to:
• Understand the purpose of a lockdown plan

• Examine the numerous realistic considerations there are in developing a lockdown plan

• Empower the employer with the knowledge that regardless of the size of their workplace, a lockdown plan can be implemented

• To provide those on scene of an Active Killer event the tools necessary to increase their chances of survival


What is a lockdown?

A lockdown is a pre-set and rehearsed crisis response plan implemented by an institution and activated once there is an actual or perceived threat of harm to that institution's staff, patients and visit... Read More


School Threat Assessment: Stopping the Threat Before it Strikes

According to a recent report from Moms Demand Action and Mayer Against Illegal Guns there have been 44 school shootings since the Sandy Hook Massacre and 13 of those occurred between January and February 10, 2014! It is clear from other recent national incidents of mass shootings that these type of incidents are not going away anytime soon. We can either choose to continue and hope that this type threat doesn't come to our communities or we can take a more proactive approach.... Threat Assessment Teams.

In my over 28 years of studying school shootings there is one statistic that is not publicized yet it is the most staggering statistic that I have been able to reveal. In all of the... Read More


Verbal S.W.A.T. (Strategies With Authority & Tact)

Average Rating: 5 Stars
5 Stars

Length: 8 hours
The objective of this training is to minimize or eliminate verbal crisis by using the learned skills and understanding both verbal and non-verbal communication. Many participants have spoken of feeling empowered in relating to both customers and co-workers. This ultimately has caused them to feel more satisfied and productive with his/her work environment. Jesus Villahermosa makes this information applicable to any person in any occupation with real-life scenarios and interactive presentations.

Motivate teams, employees and staff by equipping them with a new set of skills they can draw on in their daily life that empowers them with strategies of authority and tact:

ēAc... Read More


Parent - Community Awareness Training

This presentation provides the local community members and the parents of your school information on any of the numerous school safety related subjects. School districts can utilize this opportunity to share the vision, the safety plan and how both the school and parents can collaborate proactively by addressing drug, alcohol and gang related issues.

Community members attending this presentation will find themselves engaged with the interactive training style and direct approach surrounding these topics. The best awareness centers around training, involvement, and two-way conversations for solutions in schools today.

Contact Us if you would like to be notified about future seminar... Read More


Gang Awareness & Recognition Training

Length: Varies

Street gangs are making resurgence throughout the country and there are many educators, law enforcement and other professionals who don't know what to look for when working with young people that might be involved with gangs. Jesus has been working with and researching street gangs since 1986, when they first made their presence into the Pierce County, Washington area. He has taught and trained thousands of communities, educators and law enforcement professionals throughout the country on how to recognize the different gangs, their clothing, hand signs, tattoos and graffiti.

Jesus will take his knowledge of gangs and present it in such a way that you will leave the cou... Read More


School Bus Driver Personal Survival Training

Length: Varies on desired training.

Jesus Villahermosa has trained and spoken to bus drivers from all over the United States in various safety areas that face our nation's pupil transporters. Bus drivers face a unique challenge in that their environment is a moving one, with limited space and everyone in their environment is sitting behind them...and they are supposed to be defensively driving to avoid accidents! But those are not the newest threats our nations drivers now face. They must now have plans to respond to an unauthorized boarding of their bus by an angry parent. Or a mental health patient trying to hijack their bus while their kids are on board. In a worse case scenario t... Read More


Situational Awareness Training

One of the biggest challenges any person faces is learning how and why to trust their own gut feelings when they sense an imminent threat or proxemic danger.

This training will teach you how to use the 5 Color Codes, or mind states of awareness, to be more aware of your surroundings while interacting with those around you and realize when itís time to implement a plan of action and mitigate the risk of an assault.

Jesus will also address why recognizing body language precursors to violence could save your life! Did you know that body language does not lie and when most people feel there is a conflict between what you are saying and what your body language is saying, they believe y... Read More


Transit Operator's Personal Safety TOPS

Transit Operators around this country are facing new challenges when it comes to personal safety on the bus and they need realistic training in order to have a plan to respond.

Jesus Villahermosa is a nationally recognized expert on safety issues related to the workplace environment. Our nation's transit operators need more training in the area of personal safety for themselves and their passengers. Jesus' newest training, Transit Operators Personal Safety training, T.O.P.S., focuses on the legal issues surrounding a driver using force to defend themselves during an attack on the bus. It also provides drivers with personal self-defense techniques from the seated position in order to ... Read More


Use of Force Issues

Length: 2 hours
A verbally aggressive person is at your workstation and you fear for your physical safety. What should you or can you do if the situation becomes physical? Will the law protect you? What kind of liability is involved in using physical force to defend yourself, others or property?

Jesus Villahermosa will provide the answers to these, and many more, questions as well as discuss the levels of force an employee may use against an aggressive or even hostile subject at your workplace. Jesus covers this topic with his typical humorous and engaging training style and with the knowledge that has been recognized in civil courts certifying him as a Use of Force Expert.

How do yo... Read More


Workplace Violence Prevention

Length: 4 hours

From visitor to violator, intrusion to hostile to life-threatening situations, Workplace Violence Prevention provides systems and techniques for proactive steps rather than dangerous reactive impulses.

The Workplace Violence Prevention Workshop elevates awareness with in-depth and interactive discussions demonstrating the safety and security procedures for threat reporting systems, reviews current security procedures, visitor check-in and badge policies, tailgating and piggybacking issues and follow through for a disciplinary action plan.

Jesus Villahermosa will discuss the definition and categories of workplace violence, behavioral characteristics of a workplace k... Read More