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Length: Varies on desired training.

Jesus Villahermosa has trained and spoken to bus drivers from all over the United States in various safety areas that face our nation's pupil transporters. Bus drivers face a unique challenge in that their environment is a moving one, with limited space and everyone in their environment is sitting behind them...and they are supposed to be defensively driving to avoid accidents! But those are not the newest threats our nations drivers now face. They must now have plans to respond to an unauthorized boarding of their bus by an angry parent. Or a mental health patient trying to hijack their bus while their kids are on board. In a worse case scenario they will need to have a plan should an armed suspect board their bus as was the case in the Alabama Bus Hostage situation where the bus driver was shot and killed while the suspect kidnapped a young child from the bus. Theses are real life situations and Crisis Reality Training provides real life response plans that will increase your chances of surviving such and event! Workshop topics include:

Breaking up Fights on the Bus
Defensible Use of Force on the Bus
Hostage Survival on the Bus
Gang awareness & Recognition Training
Body Language Recognition: Thinking Outside the Bus
Verbal S.W.A.T. (Strategies With Authority & Tact)
Preparing for and Surviving the Active Killer
event on the Bus!
Unauthorized Boarding: Why it could hurt you!

Jesus makes these trainings real, interactive, empowering, humorous and educational for the drivers. Attendees will leave these training sessions more aware and ready to face their reality awakening!

Provide your drivers with real world training and examples that will leave them empowered and not intimidated to perform their jobs.

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CUSTOM WORKSHOP? Crisis Reality Training can create a Bus Safety training workshop to meet your company's or school's schedule and group size. Contact: Jesus at (253) 381-0505 for more information.