Crisis Reality Training Sitemap

Training Opportunities
   - Active Killer Survival
    - Staff, This is a Lockdown
   - Community Awareness
    - Parent - Community Awareness Training
   - Pupil Transporters
    - School Bus Driver Personal Survival Training
   - Situational Awareness
    - Situational Awareness Training
   - Threat Assessment
    - School Threat Assessment: Stopping the Threat Before it Strikes
   - TOPS For Transit
    - Transit Operator's Personal Safety TOPS
   - Verbal S W A T
    - Verbal S.W.A.T. (Strategies With Authority & Tact)
   - Workplace Violence
    - Use of Force Issues
    - Workplace Violence Prevention

    - 'Surviving the Active Killer Event' comments
    - Testimonials From clients and students:
    - Verbal S.W.A.T. attendees commented:

    - After Sandy Hook, More Than 400 People Have Been Shot in Over 200 School Shootings
    - FBI: Workplace Violence: Issues and Response
    - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
    - US Department of Labor

   - Crisis Response Planning
    - Developing Reality Based Lockdown Plans for your Campus
   - Gang Awareness
    - Gang Violence
   - Student Assemblies
    - Surviving the Active Killer Event

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About CRT
   - Jesus Villahermosa
    - About Crisis Reality Training
   - Our Mission
    - Our Mission
   - Videos with Jesus
    - Jesus interview with KBTC TV on Parkland school shooting
    - Jesus on air interview with Disaster Zone
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