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Length: 4 hours

From visitor to violator, intrusion to hostile to life-threatening situations, Workplace Violence Prevention provides systems and techniques for proactive steps rather than dangerous reactive impulses.

The Workplace Violence Prevention Workshop elevates awareness with in-depth and interactive discussions demonstrating the safety and security procedures for threat reporting systems, reviews current security procedures, visitor check-in and badge policies, tailgating and piggybacking issues and follow through for a disciplinary action plan.

Jesus Villahermosa will discuss the definition and categories of workplace violence, behavioral characteristics of a workplace killer, non-verbal communication techniques to assist you in contacting potential intruders, coded alerts, lockdown responsibilities, and how evacuation plans can enhance your lockdown plan. This training will be presented with the most current statistical information and the reality that only Jesus can bring into such a training.

From awareness to action, the Workplace Violence Prevention Workshop is a must for companies to ensure the safety and welfare of its valued employees and customers.
•Recognize the warning signs of workplace violence
•Differentiate between a guest and an intruder
•Motivate staff to be threat reporters and not threat assessors
•Establish key procedures for nonverbal communication
•Develop core intervention tactics
•Create company policies to educate staff and refresh current company policies and practices

Walk away with a renewed sense of awareness that you can use both at work and in your daily lives.

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