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Crisis Response Planning

Developing Crisis Response Plans for Large Campuses

The recent rash of College and University shootings and acts of violence against students is a harsh reminder that higher education must stay vigilant in continuing to review and improve their crisis response plans. Many in the field of higher education believe that any large institution is really not capable of lockdown due to the size of the campuses involved.

Jesus will present his training on lockdown development and implementation in such a way that attendees will believe that any facil... Read More

Gang Violence Gang Awareness

Gang Violence

Street Gangs have wreaked havoc on communities and in schools for decades. The resurgence of gang activity that is occurring in many areas across the country is concerning and needs to prompt us to quick action against its devastating effects. The feeling of power, the illusion of loyal friendships, and the unquenchable desire for retaliation make gang behavior self-perpetuating in nature and difficult to overcome when ignored and allowed to take root in any given environment. Inadequate know... Read More

School Violence Prevention Student Assemblies

School Violence Prevention

About the School Assembly Presentation
Length: 45 minutes

This presentation is a powerful compliment to the School Violence Prevention workshops designed for staff and teachers. This assembly-type presentation can also be offered separately as a school-wide mandatory assembly of all students Themes such as gangs, alcohol and drug abuse, violence prevention, how making bad choices can dramatically affect your life and respecting one another's differences will be covered. This presentation is... Read More

Crisis Response Planning   Gang Awareness   Student Assemblies   





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