Reality Training for School District Administrators, Staff, Student & Parents on Surviving an Active Lethal Threat.

Jesus Villahermosa is a nationally recognized expert in the area of Active Shooters which he now refers to as Active Lethal Threats due to the change in the killer's attack tactics. His 33 years in law enforcement and 30 years serving as the Point Man on the S.W.A.T. Team while serving with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department allows Jesus to train others with reality always in mind.

Crisis Reality Training educates, empowers and motivates professionals from all walks of life by equipping them with a new set of skills they can utilize in their daily life when crisis strikes. Jesus' injection of real life stories from the streets and actual events from around the world along with his use of sensible humor and audience participation will ensure that you leave his trainings with skills ready to use immediately!

Over the last 33 years, founder, Jesus Villahermosa, has focused specifically on issues of school related and workplace violence. Crisis Reality Training's realistic and interactive delivery raises awareness for safety and security to a new level.

Courses and workshops are customized for schools and corporations nationwide covering such topics as Verbal S.W.A.T, Lockdown Strategies, Workplace Violence Prevention, Situational Awareness, Bus Safety and Parent Community Forums.

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