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Transit Operator's Personal Safety TOPS

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Transit Operators around this country are facing new challenges when it comes to personal safety on the bus and they need realistic training in order to have a plan to respond.

Jesus Villahermosa is a nationally recognized expert on safety issues related to the workplace environment. Our nation's transit operators need more training in the area of personal safety for themselves and their passengers. Jesus' newest training, Transit Operators Personal Safety training, T.O.P.S., focuses on the legal issues surrounding a driver using force to defend themselves during an attack on the bus. It also provides drivers with personal self-defense techniques from the seated position in order to successfully defend themselves from an attacker while reducing their own risk of an injury while defending themselves.

Although this type of training would have never been taught 20 years ago transit authorities need to reconsider this as a viable option given the numerous incidents around this country of passenger attacks on drivers. When a driver is prepared with a plan for such an incident it creates a safer environment for everyone on his/her bus!

Jesus' other trainings for transit drivers includes:

Defensible Use of Force on the Bus
Breaking Up Fights on the Bus
Hostage on the Bus
Active Killer Survival
Verbal S.W.A.T. (Strategies With Authority & Tact)
Threat Assessment
Body Language Recognition
Workplace Violence Prevention

If it's time for your transit authority to catch up on Reality based training and provide your drivers with real solutions to a violent prone society then you need this training!

Please contact Jesus for a personal training needs assessment and he will tailor his trainings to your organization.