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We offer courses and workshops that teach people how to deal with school related and workplace violence. These classes are customized for schools and corporations nationwide, covering such topics as Verbal S.W.A.T, Lockdown Strategies, Workplace Violence Prevention, Gang Awareness, Bus Safety and Community Awareness. Founder Jesus Villahermosa's realistic and interactive delivery raises awareness for safety and security to a new level.

Gang Awareness & Recognition Training

Length: Varies

Street gangs are making resurgence throughout the country and there are many educators, law enforcement and other professionals who don't know what to look for when working with young people that might be involved with gangs. Jesus has been working with and researching street gangs since 1986, when they first made their presence into the Pierce County, Washington area. He has taught and trained thousands of communities, educators and law enforcement professionals throughout the country on how to recognize the different gangs, their clothing, hand signs, tattoos and graffiti.

Jesus will take his knowledge of gangs and present it in such a way that you will leave the cou... Read More