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We offer courses and workshops that teach people how to deal with school related and workplace violence. These classes are customized for schools and corporations nationwide, covering such topics as Verbal S.W.A.T, Lockdown Strategies, Workplace Violence Prevention, Gang Awareness, Bus Safety and Community Awareness. Founder Jesus Villahermosa's realistic and interactive delivery raises awareness for safety and security to a new level.

School Threat Assessment: Stopping the Threat Before it Strikes

According to a recent report from Moms Demand Action and Mayer Against Illegal Guns there have been 44 school shootings since the Sandy Hook Massacre and 13 of those occurred between January and February 10, 2014! It is clear from other recent national incidents of mass shootings that these type of incidents are not going away anytime soon. We can either choose to continue and hope that this type threat doesn't come to our communities or we can take a more proactive approach.... Threat Assessment Teams.

In my over 28 years of studying school shootings there is one statistic that is not publicized yet it is the most staggering statistic that I have been able to reveal. In all of the... Read More

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