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We offer courses and workshops that teach people how to deal with school related and workplace violence. These classes are customized for schools and corporations nationwide, covering such topics as Verbal S.W.A.T, Lockdown Strategies, Workplace Violence Prevention, Gang Awareness, Bus Safety and Community Awareness. Founder Jesus Villahermosa's realistic and interactive delivery raises awareness for safety and security to a new level.

Verbal S.W.A.T. (Strategies With Authority & Tact)

Average Rating: 5 Stars
5 Stars

Length: 8 hours
The objective of this training is to minimize or eliminate verbal crisis by using the learned skills and understanding both verbal and non-verbal communication. Many participants have spoken of feeling empowered in relating to both customers and co-workers. This ultimately has caused them to feel more satisfied and productive with his/her work environment. Jesus Villahermosa makes this information applicable to any person in any occupation with real-life scenarios and interactive presentations.

Motivate teams, employees and staff by equipping them with a new set of skills they can draw on in their daily life that empowers them with strategies of authority and tact:

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This Seminar is not currently open for registration.
Please contact us to be notified when it will be offered in your area.
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